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The R Project was founded on the fundamental belief that representation, diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice are basic human needs, and that knowledge and information equals power.  Hence our initial objective was to surface and shine some much-needed light on information and data about representation, diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice - and to lead the conversation in exploring and finding practical, actionable, data-driven and informed solutions. 


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives in most organisations struggle to make a real difference. 

The current approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (and social justice) appears piecemeal. Organisations dip in and out in response to external forces and dialogue. Every time issues of racism or other forms of discrimination and inequality make the headlines, more is done. But as the news cycle and the world moves on to other issues, organisations often relapse and revert to their old ways. In many organisations, there is a permanent, trickle of effort that runs through various DEI and social justice groups. But these rarely translate to tangible, lasting cultural change

The R Project seeks to do two things:

  • lead the conversation on DEI and social justice 

  • develop and share disruptive, innovative, practical solutions for organisations and communities to tackle intractable challenges around DEI and social justice issues. 


Savania China, Author/DEI Expert

Through his writing and interest in politics and social justice, Savania is an influential commentator and thought leader who has appeared on platforms like the BBC to talk about politics, race, and social justice. 

The confluence of his passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and his background in design, data, strategic problem solving, management and leadership led to the creation of The R Project whose aim is to provide practical solution for organisations to build Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) based culture.

To find out more about Savania and his other work, please visit his personal website:

About the Founder​


    Savania has extensive experience in helping large organisations to develop great Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion based cultures. He worked in the UK government in Westminster for many years as a senior leader in strategy and policy, providing advice to ministers. Outside government he has worked with various organisations, including the UN and the European Commission, in strategic advisory roles. He also has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and experience as an executive and non-executive member of various boards.  

​    An academically inclined alumni of multiple esteemed institutions, Savania has studied numerous subjects including business and leadership. He infuses his extensive knowledge of society, business, and organisations into his thinking on DEI and social justice.

​     Being an avid writer, published author, and novelist, helps Savania to infuse his complex but distilled understanding of people and society into his solutions and approaches. 

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