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Representation, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion




Systemic bias leads to discrimination, under-representation, and exclusion for millions of employees. As a result, that lack of representation and systemic exclusion drive and ingrain even more bias and discrimination within organisations. As we thrive for fairer, more equitable society and workplaces, our thinking and solutions for all business and social challenges must embody the core principles of representation, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Data and information should play a key in demonstrating the nature and magnitude of challenges and in crafting effective solutions. 

LACE Framework

The Learn, Act, Celebrate (LACE) Framework is our flagship effective tool for embedding within organisations a culture that is rooted in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion + Social Justice. The pragmatic and versatile framework can be used by organisations of any size - from large multinationals, governments, to start-up and small teams. 

The framework splits the necessary work needed to embed a sustainable, long-term cultural change into three simple elements: Learning, Actions, and Celebration. The three categories are further split into a Five Grid Matrix for ease of implementation. 

​The Framework is great for managers and leaders of organisations that are looking to boost or build a DEI-based culture. The tool is vital for DEI and HR professionals who are often tasked with supporting and advising leaders and implementing DEI programmes in organisations.



A Comprehensive Framework for Boosting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Organisations and Teams



The R Project promotes and improves representation, inclusion, fair treatment, and justice for those who are often marginalised in society and in organisations.  We help organisations to develop and implement practical, measurable, and sustainable diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and social justice practices.We also support professionals working in DEI and social justice with data, information, and best practices. 




We provide practical and effective solutions to help organisations to build DEI-based culture and practices. Our Services include:

  • Objectively assessing and reporting on organisations' DEI maturity. 

  • Developing actionable solutions for improving representation, fairness, and , inclusion

  • Individual and group coaching and training




Under representation and exclusion is often difficult to spot and measure. Data and information are key in demonstrating the nature and size of challenges caused by exclusion and discrimination. Through data-driven stories and information, The R Project  aims to keep the light, and hopefully the eyes of decision-makers, shining on the challenges and opportunities that can be illuminated by good data. 

Articles - Opinion and Commentary​

Through our articles, we share opinions and comment on various topics relating to current affairs, trends, and developments in the world of DEI and social justice.  In these pieces, we aim to be balanced and informative, but as these are opinions and personal commentaries, they are often subjective, emotional, and even political. But that's all part of having healthy, progressive discourse on these difficult issues. If you have differing or competing ideas, please bring them to the table and let them battle other ideas. That is how we make progress. 

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