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Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Session

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What is it?

This is a one-day session to immerse your team in practical, comprehensive, approaches to building a culture centred on diversity and inclusion. Participants will learn what they can do practically to improve diversity and inclusion in their organisation or in their team. The session is based on our LACE Framework for building diversity and inclusion

Who is it for?

We run these sessions for either whole teams or for management or leadership teams.  Because the session requires extensive participant discussions, we can only work with up to 20 people per session. 
If you are a large organisation requiring many sessions, we can arrange for you to pay a single discounted corporate fee.  

What will participants gain from the session?

Participants will come out of the session with knowledge of practical things they can start doing to help the team/organisation to become more diverse and inclusive.  


£2 000 for a group – up to 20 participants 
£10 000 for up to 10 teams of 20 people 
£10 000 for up to 10 teams of 20 people + £750/per additional team 

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