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Microaggressions Webinar

Online Meeting

What is it?

Microaggressions are everywhere.  Most of us have experienced them and most of us have acted in ways that made others feel awful, most likely without our knowledge or intention to cause offence.  
This is a two-hour session the world of microaggressions – what they are and what we can do to stop them or minimise their impact. We will draw from real life examples and we will explore practical things they can do start making a difference right away. 

Who is it for?

We run these sessions for anyone interested in learning about microaggressions and doing something about it. Whether you work lone, in a team, manage a team, or lead an organisation; you will gain a lot of valuable insights and practical skills to start making a difference in your and others’ lives.  


£25 per person 
We limit the number of attendees – to allow for interaction and answering questions – and to provide a good experience.  

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