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Products & Services

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D&I Product/Brand Consultation

Consultancy and Advice

Is your brand or products or services inclusive enough? Are they designed to meet the current and emerging demands of  more diverse and inclusive society? This consultation will ensure you build sustainable, inclusive brand, products and/or services. 

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Diversity and Inclusion Assessment


The diversity and inclusion assessment is an in-depth, rigorous look at how your team/organisation is performing with regards to diversity and inclusion. The assessment will point out where you are exceeding and ares needing improvement. 

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Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Session

Training/Professional Development

This is a one-day session to immerse leaders or managers in practical, comprehensive, approaches to building a culture centred on diversity and inclusion. They will learn practical ways for improving diversity and inclusion in their organisation/team.

Support Group

1-1 Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Coaching

Training/Personal Development

This is a unique one-to-one experience to learn first-hand everything you need to know about diversity and inclusion, based on the LACE Framework and borrowing from extensive personal experience of work in diversity and inclusion.  

On a Video Call

Diversity and Inclusion Webinar


This is a two-hour session about diversity and inclusion, exploring various aspects of the topic and related topics like bullying and harassment, discrimination, microaggressions etc.

Online Meeting

Microaggressions Webinar


This is a two-hour session the world of microaggressions – what they are and what we can do to stop them or minimise their impact. The session draws from real life examples and we will explore practical things ways for making a difference right away.

Online Course

Bespoke Diversity & Inclusion Help


If you have a diversity and inclusion (or related) problem/question/need that's not covered by one of the services and products above, you can request bespoke help. Get in touch to work out what works for you. 

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